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Today’s Top Story: Black Man Kisses White Woman, Town Goes Beserk

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Apr 10 Edition of Go! Magazine

Apr 10 Edition of Go! Magazine

Big ups to the Chicago Tribune Exploring Race Column for this story.

For the last few weeks Iowahas been the talk of tolerance blogs because they approved same sex marriage.  But a couple of hundred miles south in St. Louis, Missouri people are in an uproar because their weekend magazine had a black man kissing a white woman on the cover.

You would have thought he was passing her the swine flu with the reaction readers had to it. 

Commentsincluded things like, “miscegenation in our faces” and “gratuitously provocative”.  Really, we are using words like miscegenation again?  Is Andrew Johnson in the White House instead of the first black male to rise to the position, who, by the way, had a white mom.

And the real life couple who posed for the photo were taken aback.  “I started scrolling down and got pretty angry at first,” said Chris Spencer, 23. “But I stepped back and gathered myself. I was kind of in shock. Initially, it was like, wow, look what this is stirring up in St. Louis.”

The article wasn’t about interracial dating, it was just a normal article about romance and dining out, for which they just happened to use an interracial couple on the cover to illustrate.  But I guess in St. Louis IR isn’t that normal or they don’t want it to be.  The reactions got so bad that the paper shut down the comments to the article once it reached 362.

And, as much as I want to call the people out on their racism (because it is) I have to say, they have the right to dislike IR relationships as much as they want.  I suspect there may be people who dislike mine and I don’t care.  Everyone can’t accept everything and I don’t expect them to.  What I do care about is having the freedom to be and live my life which is what everyone deserves. 

The detractors can say what they want but, just like in Iowa, it won’t stop adults who want to get together from being together.  But now I’m curious what a Loving Day celebration in St Louis would look like.  Hmmmm…


Written by rentec

30 April, 2009 at 12:52 am

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