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Black Folks and the Baptist Bird in the News

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These stories are why I don’t like to eat fried chicken.  Well, the stereotypes, the greasiness of the food, and the memory of the baby chick my father gave me for Easter one year.  When it became a full grown chicken my parents had it killed.  I remember when they came for the chicken, I ran to the box where we kept it and rolled around on the floor crying and pleading for it but the adults prevailed.  We had it for dinner the next Sunday, my mother serving it with greens and cornbread.  I can’t ever look at fried chicken the same way, it’s like the killing fields with broken fried body parts splayed across a table.

I tried to explain this one day to my daughter when she told me to pull into a Popeye’s but she just laughed  at my story and said she wanted a two piece with macaroni and cheese.  Humans are heartless.

So, back onto Popeyes who are getting some free advertisement this week on two separate blogs. 

The first blog was on Average Bro’s blog.  A woman in another city got jacked for her Popeye’s chicken (and,  as an afterthought,  her purse) and you are asked to identify the criminal’s race as either black, white or other.   I think you know what race they are.

And then Afronerd reported this a story about black folks losing their mind because Popeye’s ran out of chicken because of a special they were running.  Mothers were getting upset because they needed to feed their kids and the chicken was gone.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I think they sell chicken at the grocery store and you can get it fried, roasted or rotisseried.  Is Popeye’s that good?  Are they putting crack in the chicken?  Or are people showing out because the cameras there and they know their racial role?

“Ain’t no chicken left?  Oh, lawwwwd, what we gone do?  How’m I gone feed muh babies?  We gone starve, we gone starve, we gone star-ar-ar-arve.”

It’s just fried chicken, people.  If you are that worried about feeding your kids pick another food with the same nutritional value like a hamburger or meat lovers pizza or some styrofoam peanuts.  And another thing, why can some animals get pet status and others can’t?  You wouldn’t eat a cat, you wouldn’t eat a dog but chickens are okay?  Can’t we be friends?  Why can’t it be people and chicken together like this?

Instead of like this?

Oh, the horror!


Written by rentec

2 May, 2009 at 1:34 pm

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