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I was surprised to learn it was “that time of the year again”.  Something should have clued me in when my kids went back to school but I’m often slow on the uptake.

And I haven’t been writing.  That really should have been my first clue.  I haven’t been writing but suddenly I feel like writing again so it must mean that it’s time to fall in line to help plan the local Christmas play that has become a tradition that some people think should end.

And while being forced to watch the 3rd video of a play that I helped to write but neglected to go view I sat thinking, “I’m such a poser”.   I’m a poor man’s Tyler Perry which is sad because it takes a lot of talent to write to a niche, even a corny one, and I have no interest to do it but I do anyway because what am I doing with these skills other than… than…

Nothing really.

And we discussed Gospel music which I know next to nothing of because I lost interest in it circa 1992.  I know no new Gospel songs that makes people jump to their feet or get the holy ghost.  Last time I was in a Baptist church “Going Up Yonder” was the song everyone still request every other month.

And I thought of the quote from the broadway play”Passing Strange” that goes:

Mr. Franklin: Yet in the end we’re just two brothers… passing.  Like your high yellow grandma back in the day, only we’re passing for black folks.  Good, lawn trimmin’, tax payin’, morally upstanding, narrow-minded Christian black folk!  Now ain’t that a bitch?

Youth: Black folks passing for black folks.  That’s a trip.

And sometimes that is how I feel.  I wouldn’t go through all the things that the youth went through but, as the old saying goes, “I can dig it.”

Apparently Spike Lee could dig it, too, because after viewing Passing Strange on broadway he decided to make it into a concert film.  So if you missed the original run you can still see the original cast by going to the Art House or watching it on cable on IFC in Theaters section.


Written by rentec

14 September, 2009 at 9:52 pm

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