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Where Do All the Hip Black Kids Hang Out Online?

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I’m too old to be considered a hip black kid, although I’m vying for the title of hip black mama but the two brats I raise have said, “Nuh uh”. 

They just hate my swag.

An interesting articleon “The Root” says there is a racial divide for black kids and white kids on the net.  According to this article all the black kids flock to MySpace whereas all the white kids are on Facebook.  Danah Boyd describes the white migration from MySpace to Facebook as an electronic white flight.  I was thinking maybe it has less to do with race and more to do with class, age, and the area one lives in.  My daughter migrated to Facebook a few years ago when a lot of her friends in higher grades went to college; within the last year my stepson has done the same.  My nephews who live in another state are constantly on Facebook. 

From what I noticed from the kids at the library (and having an account on MySpace and Facebook) is that kids socialize differently on both sites. Facebook has a minimalist look,  perhaps harkening back to the little houses of the early suburbs.  Everyone’s page is just a blank white screen although you can post up what you want to on it.

MySpace has more of a pimp my webpage type of thing going.  People proclaim who they are by the design not by what they post up; some people’s pages reminds me of graffiti.

But what I noticed with the majority of the kids who come into the library the website of choice is Urban Chat.  Sometimes the younger kids will go on MySpace to put on their updated Meez pic,   but Urban Chat is where it’s at for them. 

So what do you think?  Is it much ado about nothing?  Check out the article on The


Written by rentec

16 September, 2009 at 3:44 pm

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