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Are You an Avocado? Mario Van Peebles is Trying to Be

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I try to live green.  In our home we have two bins for recycling, try to combine car trips to save on gas and reduce emissions and, of course, we try to remember to bring our own bags to the store instead of accepting the plastic or paper.

Sometimes I fail, but I still try. 

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one struggling to be an avocado (black on the outside, green on the inside).  In an effort to reduce his own carbon footprint and to raise awareness of green living for African Americans TV One and Van Peebles got together to create the show Mario’s Green House which airs tomorrow night at 6pm.  On the show you watch Van Peebles and his family try to green their home.

In a recent interview with NPR’s Michel Martin, Peebles explains why many African Americans may not have embraced green living yet.

And it’s pretty cool because we live in a neighborhood, the Baldwin Hills neighborhood, which is, you know, predominately African-American, and it’s interesting because I think in certain communities there’s a little bit of a mistrust of the dominant culture, because we were taught, you know, well, asbestos is really good. It’s cool. And then we, you know, we’re the last ones to learn, no, asbestos really probably isn’t so good. And so by the time you get enough money that you can buy that Lincoln Navigator, you’re being told you should have a Prius, and you think that somehow this doesn’t apply to you. But it totally, it applies to all of us together.

Tell Me More 23 Sept 09

So check the show out.  Who knows, maybe it will inspire more blacks to become eco-friendly, although I’m not sure if black women are ready to dump the Dooney and Burke purses for one’s made of used tires just yet.

Written by rentec

26 September, 2009 at 4:30 pm

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