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That White Girl Thang

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I didn’t see the episode but on an interracial forum I often frequent a white wife complained about one of the first episodes of Sherri starring Sherri Shepherd.  In the episode, Sherri complains to her friends that not only did her husband cheat on her but he cheated on her with–

(cue organ music)

–a white woman!

(organ music with a flourish.)

Okay, really?  Are we still there?  It’s not the fact that dude got a jump off that he was running up in raw which could open you up for all kinds of diseases but that woman was white.  Would it have been better if the woman was black?  Or could cheating have been overlooked if it was a shemale?  The fact that dude was cheating at all is the thing to be upset about, not the color.

It’s like a knee jerk reaction that everyone expects from us.  A black man with a white woman and everyone turns to see a nearby black woman is rolling her eyes and huffing like a steam engine.  Even with this Tiger Woods thing, everyone wants to know if black women are supporting him as white chick after white chick leaves her shift at Denny’s to call a press conference to admit that yes, they slept with Tiger.

Why is there interest in Black female indignation on this topic?  It’s not as if he’s married to a black female or (in Tiger’s own words) he’s black or just black.  His cheating doesn’t reflect on his race (men of all races cheat) or his profession (politicians and burger flippers can cheat just as well as athletes) but certain people want to put that spin on it to sensationalize the story.

Sensationalism is another reason they want to get the black female perspective, although I find it more interesting that Elin Woods used a golf club on her husband and the fact that Tiger decided to disparage people from the underclass by claiming his wife had “gone ghetto” on him.  I’m not exactly sure what group we could malign by attributing Tiger’s behavior to it, but whomever we choose it could be punctuated by a group of racially diverse women singing “The Cell Block Tango” from Chicago.

Which to me is more the point.  The color of Tiger’s mistresses or the reaction of black women is irrelevant, it’s Tiger’s actions all women should shake their heads at and join together in unity.  Even Sherri Shepherd’s character Sherri learned that point.  I began watching the show just when Sherri and the other woman were creating a friendship for the sake of the children, with Sherri there for the birth of her ex’s other child.  Yeah, I know, a simplistic Hollywood ending but who’s to say it could never happen?

Written by rentec

8 December, 2009 at 9:23 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Well, the Tiger thing is a bit different than the Sherri thing. Tiger is an example of the fetishizing of the white woman. It’s not like it was just one. I think the number is approaching double digits and that’s only counting the known women. There are probably others that don’t want the spotlight or that may have been married themselves while they were sleeping with Tiger.

    As for Sherri and her comments about it being a white woman . . . Nope, we aren’t past it and never will be. Not saying we should or shouldn’t be. To her it was just more salt in the wound. Can’t control how people grieve the end of a relationship. It’s the same thing as if your spouse cheated and you saw the woman and you felt that you looked ten times better than her. It’s just more salt in the wound.


    9 December, 2009 at 1:41 am

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    19 February, 2010 at 12:20 am

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