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Asian Students Sit Out of Class in South Philadelphia

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I’ve seen the story mentioned in brief on Angry Asian Man about Asian students boycotting school in South Philadelphia because they were being targeted and harassed but I was unaware what exactly was going on.  Now it appears to be a race problem between African American and Asian American students.

Racial tensions have come to a boiling point at South Philadelphia High School, where some Asian students are not showing up for class following an attack by African-American pupils last week. Reportedly, the attacks took place last Wednesday and Thursday at the school on nearly 30 Asian students — some requiring medical attention.

New America Media 8Dec09

It’s sad that students have to demonstrate to make themselves safe in their own school.  It’s a school issue but it also seems to be a community one.   If I was a parent of an African American student at the school I would pull my child out in solidarity because any child that is being bullied or groups of kids singled out makes the school unsafe for more than just the targets.

Also courtesy of Angry Asian Man here is a list of people to contact to complain about the state of the school. 

Michael Silverman
Comprehensive High School Regional Sueprintendent
The School District of Philadelphia
3133 Ridge Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19132

Here’s contact information for South Philadelphia High School:

LaGreta Brown
South Philadelphia High School
2101 South Broad Street
Philadelphia PA 19148

Here’s general contact information for the school district:

The School District of Philadelphia
440 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia PA 19130

Here contact info for the school board and the mayor:

School Reform Commission
Superintendent Arlene Ackerman, Commissioners Robert Archie, Johnny Irizarry, Joseph Dworetzky, David Girard-DiCarlo, and Denise Armbrister.
Emails (cc all of them):,,,,

Mayor Michael Nutter
cc: (City Ed Secretary),
He considers himself an education mayor, and it would be good for him to know that this problem has reached concerned folks from all over the country.

Finally, letters to the editor are helpful as well:

Philadelphia Inquirer
300 words max, please sign with name, full address, email and a reachable phone number (not for publication) – but they will call you on that number and require you to verify your letter – and, if you wish, an email that you would allow to be printed.

Philadelphia Daily News
Usually shorter, 200 words, same thing as above for signing.

Philadelphia Public School Noteboook
Any length

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  1. […] your memory, back in 2009 Immigrant Asian students and African American students were having routine racial fights, while the principal La Greta Brown seemed flummoxed on how to bring the two racial groups […]

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