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Very Lost in the Translation

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I really like the show Love in Asia although I can’t really understand the stories because it’s Korean.  I have been hoping they would translate the stories into English.

Well, lo and behold I found the Love in Asia website and found a story that interested me (of course a Zambian (black) female/Korean male so I go to Babelfish to have the story translated.

I’m not really sure how it was translated from this:

■ 아프리카에서 온 미리암의 백점짜리 엄마 되기~

학교 영어선생님으로 맞벌이를 하는 미리암 부부

아침 6시만 되면 눈코 뜰 새 없이 바빠진다!

학교에선 여중생들에게 인기 만점 선생님으로~

집에 돌아오면 가족들을 위해 김치찌개를 요리하는 주부로~

예류, 예원이 두 아이를 키우다 보니 해야 할 일이 한둘이 아니다.

하지만 그녀에게 어려움이 있을 때마다 나타나는 슈퍼우먼이 있으니~

바로~ 한국살이의 가장 큰 버팀목 시어머니!

한국의 해 뜰 무렵, 해가 지는 나라 잠비아 가족들이 그리울 때도 있지만

한국에서 더 큰 사랑을 배워가는 미리암 가족의 일상 속으로 들어가본다.

To this.

From ■ Africa in advance, ~ where becomes the full mark mom of the cancer

Conducts working together with teacher English school the cancerous couple

Morning only 6:00 will become and the eye nose will float and to be busy without new comes! where

From school in woman second birth with teacher popular perfect score ~

Returns to the house and for the families with the housewife who cooks the kimchi stew ~

The example type and example circle raise two children and sees the work must do is not one or two.

But in her being been difficult, every when, the super right which appears is distant and this is ~

The different meaning which ~ Korea will live rightly the biggest prop mother-in-law!

Korea will do and the time when will float, when the country Republic of Zambia families where year falls are longed for, is but

Learns a bigger love from Korea and tries to enter with the ordinary inside of the cancerous family in advance.

But it’s very funny.  Until I can get a good handle on the Korean myself I’ll just have to content myself with looking at the pictures. Oooh, nice pictures.

I think, from the artificial intelligence translation, that the Korean man went to Zambia to do cancer research and met a Zambian woman who, I assume, was also is a researcher.  Or maybe they both have cancer and that is how they met.  I’m unsure, but whatever it is it seems like a sweet story.


Written by rentec

11 December, 2009 at 4:01 pm

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