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Michael Steele, Sitcho Dumbass Down

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I don’t know if white people know this, but being the only black amongst whites can be a powerful thing.  Sometimes it makes otherwise nerdy, corny black people downgrade themselves into what I can only refer to as “performing blackness”. 

Which will explain why the RNC chairman is doing this:

And this:


And this:

But we all know if he was posing with some straight hood brothers he’d be looking like this:

He can try to flex all he wants to and act like a down brother to suburban white kids for whom just being a few shades darker than themselves makes him dangerous but we all know he’s about as ghetto as a love child between Byron Allen and Wayne Brady.

Michael Steele, do you!  Embrace your punctiliousness.  Let the inner city swag die because, dude, not a good look.


Written by rentec

14 December, 2009 at 3:33 pm

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