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More from South Philly

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So, I think it’s agreed that if you are looking to move somewhere that is Blasian friendly and you have kids then scratch off the city of brotherly thugs love because they have some problems there.

It seems that South Philadelphia High School’s principal LaGreta Brown is coming under attack and rightly so.  Before she was principal at the school she worked at decade in Atlantic City where after “numerous disputes with parents, teachers, and staff” she resigned.  An official with the Atlantic City teacher’s union expressed surprise that Brown was hired in South Philly because they had so many problems with her there.

Now in South Philadelphia High School it seems that what were once high hopes for their new principal with a troubled past are coming to a boil in a race riot among AfAm and AsAm students.

Asian leaders say they have long tried – and failed – to focus Brown’s attention on safety issues.

Allan Wong, a member of the Mayor’s Commission on Asian American Affairs, said that this fall he sought to follow up at three schools where attacks had occurred on Asian students during the previous school year.

Administrators at Samuel Fels and Horace Howard Furness High Schools immediately invited him to visit, showing him how they had added security cameras and developed safety programs, he said.

But he could never get a reply from officials at South Philadelphia High, Wong said. The first time he called, he said, he couldn’t get anyone in authority on the line. The same thing happened the second time. The third time, Wong said, he reached a vice principal who told him that someone from the school would be in touch.

He’s still waiting.

“I was hoping the new principal, LaGreta Brown, would be better, but it doesn’t look like it,” he said. “It’s quite clear to me they have an attitude problem there.”

Xu Lin, a community organizer for the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corp., told the School Reform Commission on Wednesday that he had been happy to have a new principal at South Philadelphia High.

In fact, Brown quickly agreed to hold once-a-month meetings with Asian leaders to address school violence, he said. The first meeting was set for Sept. 29.

But when community advocates arrived, they discovered that the principal “had totally forgotten about the meeting,” Lin said. “We waited for over 40 minutes before we were able to have a brief meeting with her.”

Brown promised to meet again soon, but that hasn’t happened, Lin said.

“I called numerous times and left messages for the principal,” he said, “but I never heard back from her.”

Philadelphia Enquirer, South Phila. High principal left A.C. post under pressure, 15 Dec 09:

Maybe the city can be of help where the principal seems unable/incapable of stepping in.  Officials of Philadelphia’s Human Relations Commission met privately with Brown Monday in hopes to mediate tensions between the students.

“There are differences in cultural norms and language being a part of this,” Yu said. “There is no one particular cause of this issue, but the inability to effectively communicate makes this a very difficult issue.”

Winter break is coming up for the students soon.  Let’s hope that 2010 brings in changes for all of the students.

“Most of the students at South Philadelphia High School – Asian, African American, Latino and white – are just like us,”  said Duyngoc Truong, a South Philadelphia student who was beaten.  “They are trying to get an education in a school where they do not feel safe or respected.”


Written by rentec

15 December, 2009 at 4:51 pm

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  1. This happened a while ago and yet I’ve seen no comment from the black community especially the usuall “first responders” when something happens to blacks. It is very clear that

    1. people feel they can do what ever they want to Asians. 2. Black hetrosexuals can do what ever they wish to other populations 3. NO ONE can say/do anything to Blacks w/o without endless media coverage and commentary from folk like M. Eric Dyson, Al Sharpton, and the New Prez of the NAACP.

    Funny how Blacks are the new whites – oppressors of others.

    The One

    8 February, 2010 at 1:26 pm

  2. […] Asian students and African American students were having routine racial fights, while the principal La Greta Brown seemed flummoxed on how to bring the two racial groups […]

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