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Tragic Tiger

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I wasn’t going to say anything about the Tiger Woods/Vanity Fair magazine cover because I am truly tired of Tiger and the media’s fascination with his whoring.  But then someone sent me this tidbit from Media TakeOut that has an excerpt of the article:

The interview was largely a series of profane quips by Tiger, such as “What I can’t figure out is why so many good-looking women hang around baseball and basketball. Is it because, you know, people always say that, like, black guys have big dicks?”

At another moment, during a photo shoot where four women attended to his every need and flirted with him as he flirted back, he told a joke: He rubbed the tips of his shoes together and then asked the women, “What’s this?” They were stumped. “It’s a black guy taking off his condom.”

Then there was the comments he made to his mistress Jamie Grubbs:

Jaimee: very true … I only watch football
Tiger: Figured you would say that. Big black guys
Jaimee: u are my first, last and only black guy! U should feel special
Tiger: why do I not believe that?


Jaimee: well I appreciate you not wanting to wake me up but if y couldn’t sleep I would have rather sat up and talked to u more … find out why I keep falling more and more for u 😉
Tiger: Because I’m blasian 🙂

So it seems that the person who didn’t want to take a stand on race or behave as if he’s more than just one race thinks a lot about black.  A bit too much about black men and how he might not measure up.    Black males and their swagger do seem to represent American male masculinity.  At one point he’s curious about it then the next minute he’s deriding it.  And the photo, which mimics a lot of black male posturing looks like a sad attempt to capture the black male mystique with the scowl on his face registering more as a “Why not me?” instead of “Yeah, I Got This”.

Some folks are chalking his comments up to self-hate but I see it more as envy and desideration. But it’s not to be with a black man but to really be a black man.

Just my take.


Written by rentec

7 January, 2010 at 6:27 pm

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  1. I cannot believe what I just read! I read it twice thinking: “No, he did not just say that!” He’s really a sad your blog


    9 January, 2010 at 1:27 am

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