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NAACP Announce Image Awards for 2010

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It’s been a long time since I have watched an award show.  I think the last one I watched from beginning to end Michael Jackson was sending love to the people in the balcony and I screamed like a fool although I wasn’t even in the balcony.

I can’t remember watching a complete NAACP Image Award show, even before they toyed with the idea of giving R. Kelly an award at the height of his pedophile accusations.  But with the current list of nominees it seems that NAACP is expanding their idea of whom should be acknowledged.

First, maybe it’s just that last year was a really good year for African Americans on film but a lot of good movies were nominated.  American Violet, Medicine for Melancholy, and Precious were all nominated for best films with most of the cast from the movie Precious getting nods for Best/Best Supporting actors and actresses. 

Second, they’ve gone multicultural.  Director Justin Lin was nominated for his episode of the TV show Community, Sandra Oh for Grey’s Anatomy, and James Roday for Psych.  (The episode of Psych that was a shout out to New Edition was hilarious).

They still have the obligatory nominations for Tyler Perry and I’m very conflicted at the nomination of Michael Jackson’s memorial in the category of Outstanding Variety (series or special).   But I guess the “C P” for Colored People really has expanded past the African Americans.

I just might have to watch the award ceremony.  It will air Friday 26 February on Fox at 8pm.  But if they sneak an award to R. Kelly I will be done with them forever.


Written by rentec

8 January, 2010 at 3:13 am

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