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No Burmese Allowed

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A grocery store in Fort Wayne, Indiana has been having problems with a few of their Burmese customers who have been spitting and urinating in the store.  The store put up a sign in the Burmese language that said that type of behavior was not acceptable but the infractions persisted.  

That is when the store employee decided to put up a sign in English that read “For sanitary purposes, there are no Burmese people allowed”. 

A Caucasian customer person removed the sign and took it to the Christian Legal Clinic.  The sign has not been replaced and Ricker Oil Co. president Jay Ricker apologized for the sign and says the business welcomes all customers. 

Fort Wayne has the largest concentration of Burmese Americans in the United States.   In a 2007 NPR story a Burmese store owner named Ms. Rosemarie Parmang praised Fort Wayne as being the best place for Burmese refugees in the United States. 

 “It’s a haven for them,” Parmang said.  “Because we have a lot of community. We are helping each other as best as we can, so that’s why we got so many population than any other state because there’s a lot of help that are available for them.” 


Written by rentec

15 March, 2010 at 4:51 pm