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Who Rocks it Better? Slick Rick vs. Nas

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Usually the songs I give you to compare are K-pop/K-hip-hop songs vs. American hip hop ones but this time I have something different. 

Nas reworked Slick Rick’s classic “Hey Young World” for Levi’s Pioneer Sessions

Here is Nas’ version:

And here is Slick Rick’s original:

My opinion: Slick Rick’s original beats Nas.  They both have the same music, but I like Rick’s verses better than Nas.  Verse one, Slick Rick encourages listeners to respect their elders whereas Nas tells the older generation to get off his back although he’s looking to a future where he will soon be the one guiding younger people.

Second verse: Rick encourages people to take repsonsibility for their actions where Nas blames culture, the government, and American laws.    To that, Rick would say, “society’s a weak excuse for a man”.

Which is interesting since The Ruler spent some time in jail for beating his cousin down.

But still, I’m with Rick on this one.  What do you guys think?


Written by rentec

27 May, 2010 at 12:03 pm

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