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Take Me to the Poll Booth With You

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By tomorrow evening it will all be over.  The political ads can stop.  The Republicans will be back on top and Democrats who survive will give a sigh of relief because a little known open secret is they really dislike to wield power.  They want it, they crave it but they are like the nerds on the playground who stay in their own little corner because they are afraid they’ll get beat up.

And they are going to get beat up, but unlike everyone else I’m not worried about what’s going on in other states, I have my own state to fret about.

Mr. Comb-Over is back.  Yep.  We knew he would be.  Has he changed his hair?  Uhh…. it looks like he got hair plugs or some Rogaine so it’s not at bad to look at as before but I still can’t trust him.  But then I’m just meh about Driehaus.  He did vote for the health care plan and money for a Cincinnati Street Car but both of those I’m also non plussed about.  Luckily it’s not my district.

No, in my district it’s Mean Jean Schmidt running for Congress.  I suspect she has the seat since I haven’t seen any signs or commercials which means that the milquetoasts she’s up against aren’t putting up much of a fight.  The guy she’s up against is Surya Yalamanchili.  He seems like a good candidate but with a difficult name that people don’t really recognize, I’m not sure how he’ll stand up. 

Unless he can be on the ballot just as chili.  I think people in the Ohio 2nd district would definitely pick a plate of Skyline over Mean Jean.

Vote Chili!

But Goldstar –mmmm, it would be a close tie.

I think what might get a few people to the polls will be the race for Governor.  Kasich blames Ohio job loss on Strickland, although PolitiFact Oh found that the state has been losing jobs steadily since 2000 (when we had a Republican governor).  Strickland attacks Kasich on helping senior citizens lose pensions because of his involvement with Lehman brothers but debunks that.  I guess the bigger of the issue is bringing revenue and jobs back to Ohio but I have no idea how either of them plans to handle that.  Amid the mudslinging and fingerpointing I don’t think either of them have a clue on how to do it either.  So then it comes down to who is less of two evils.

I always hate voting the lesser of two evils.  Why can’t one guy just not be evil?


Written by rentec

1 November, 2010 at 3:30 pm

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