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First Fam of Korean Hip Hop

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So, I’m at work and in the lag time (no, the library is not all downtime) I began pondering…

Where the (bleep) is some new music from Tiger JK or Yoon MiRae?  I’m not even asking for much.  A track, one track with both of them on it.  Can I at least get that?  Isn’t a fan worth that?

Eh! (Dismissive hand wave)

Looked through iTunes a few weeks ago and nothing but today I punched in their names and see they’ve been doing stuff.  How was I supposed to know?  Yeah, probably twitter, but I haven’t been on twitter lately.  They should notify me personally when stuff is about to pop.

Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae formed a new collective group called SunZoo along with Roscoe Umali, DJ Jhig, and Styliztik Jones.  Back in February they dropped this tune:

Then in early March they gave us this:

They are also appearing with baby Jordan in the lastest Korean Vogue for a campaign against child abuse.

Pictures courtesy of

They are even posing in an ad for toiletries

picture courtesy of
So they have been everywhere…
… except on my iPod 😦
Hopefully that will be remedied soon when SunZoo drops.  But when exactly is that?  Hmmm…..

Written by rentec

23 March, 2011 at 8:21 pm

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