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Update on the Blasian Philadelphia Story

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To refresh your memory, back in 2009 Immigrant Asian students and African American students were having routine racial fights, while the principal La Greta Brown seemed flummoxed on how to bring the two racial groups together.

Jump up two years to see South Philadelphia High School will have a less tumultuous school year and, maybe, even build a bridge between AfAms and AsAms.  Wei Chen, Bach Tong, Duong Nghe Le and Xu Lin became activists and started their school’s Chinese American Student Association to help combat the Anti-Asian violence that was taking place in their school.  For all their work they have been awarded the Freedom from Fear Award.

The current principal, Otis Hackney III has also helped to reduce the tension between the two racial groups.

“The actions of those attackers do not reflect the student body, the majority of
whom are African American,” says Hackney, stressing that misconceptions must be
overcome in both groups. “There were some African American students who felt it
wasn’t fair how they were treated after the attacks.”
New America Media  16 July 2011

Often on blogs the focus on AsAm/AfAm relations focus on how we don’t get along (read LA Riots) or how people are hooking up (almost every Asian/Black centric forum).  Building Blasian communities need to focus less on love connections and more on how as people we can relate to one another.  When I first heard the story it made me sick that African Americans kids could step into a position of power to bully another racial group but I think if we can learn anything from this is that anyone at anytime can be in either postition and it’s the people on the sidelines, who see the wrong being done, decide how to take a stand.  No, we aren’t a post-racial society, but before we start decrying the role race plays in our lives we might want to actually look and see how thoughts about race might be playing us.


Written by rentec

20 July, 2011 at 2:55 pm

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  1. I share your sentiments.

    When I first read about this story, I was saddened about it.I was around Asians and Whites all of my life and to be honest, I never recalled seeing any of this when I was in school. That was almost 23 years ago. I just never recalled any of this rampant racism taking place in it. Most of the Black kids in my school thought that the Asians they knew were cool and were well respected.I’m glad that somebody is taking a stand on this issue.

    Yes, to have great relationships, they really do have to learn how,as you said, they can relate to each other. Instead of both groups making ourselves seem diffferent, they need to find what we have in common. Yes, one group is Black and the other is Asian,but they need to see themselves as human beings, and secondly as students. In addition to having a Chinese American or another Asian association, it would be nice if that school could also.. if they don’t have one..organize to have an Asian/Black alliance club(non dating) or an international club. It would be nice if they could do it.


    21 July, 2011 at 1:55 pm

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