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The Gay Agenda: Same Rights as Straight People; How Dare They!

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I don’t have baby minded gay friends.  Well, maybe one.  But for the rest of them they are contented to parent four-legged furry children and leave it at that.

But for those gay fathers who want to know what the end of the adoption process is like LOGO has a new show called The Baby Wait.  Although the première isn’t set to début until late October you can catch the pilot episode now on HULU.

The first episode we meet committed couple Mark and Paul who are the prospective adopted parents to Genevieve’s baby. Genevieve is an 18 year old high school dropout whose father left soon after he discovered she was pregnant.  Genevieve has a new boyfriend and plans to get her GED and attend college, so she wants the best possible home for a child she can’t rear herself.

Mark and Paul are two middle class men looking to begin a family (well, really, with just the two of them they are a family but you get what I mean).  The men are very happy that Genevieve has chosen them.

Mark is the quirky ones with the snappy comebacks “When did we decide to adopt?  When we discovered Paul was barren.”  Genevieve coming over for Thanksgiving:  “If she decides to take the baby back she can’t have any leftovers.

Paul will be the stay at home dad.  The men are very aware that the rules in the adopting state are that once the young mother reliquinshes her child into their arms the clock begins to tick down on when Genevieve can change her mind.

I am not a big fan of reality television because the interactions seem so orchestrated and constrained as well as being over the top dramatic.  But I really did feel for all parties involved.  In the delivery room you could tell the men were on edge as they watched the young mother snuggle her newborn.  For dramatic effect, would she change her mind at the last minute and keep her child?  She didn’t.  And over those 30 days I don’t think the conflict that Genevieve felt was fake.  I will admit a few times I teared up just watching an interaction that was sure to lead to heartbreak for one of the families.

I would like another show added that deals with gay/lesbian parenting rights.  We see what happens family bonds bring you together but what about when things fall apart.  I have a friend who has dealt with that particular issue for over three years now.  After 5 years of marriage which brought forth one child, once they split up she discovered that she had no rights to the child they mutually agreed to bring into the world.  For a while she has followed two court cases in our area (click here and here) but she has realized that until the courts recognize legal unions between same-sex couples her legal rights to the child she has helped to rear are non-existent.

Which brings us to gay marriage.  If you, like the owner of Chick-Fil-A, feel that gay/lesbian relations are wrong then it’s ok for you to feel that way.  I disagree with you, but I concede that it is your right (although if you use your business to expound upon your beliefs don’t be surprised when there is backlash).  What you don’t have the right to do is to deny people their rights.  Same sex couples should have the right to marry.  Marriage is nothing but a legal contract that treats two people as one; gives us the right to act on the other’s behalf or, when things goes wrong, to ensure that neither party shirk the responsibilities that we once agreed to which includes children that come from that union.  Like it or not, people are creating these unions anyway, without the benefit of the law.  When things go wrong, just as in heterosexual couplings, it can get messy.  For adults I am not too particularly concerned but when children are involved it can be hurtful.  If you are upper middle or upper class you don’t have to worry about your legal standing because you can have your lawyer set things up but if you are just middle class or lower middle class, trying to exert your rights can be bankrupting.

Who is looking out for the children?  And for a country, and particularly one political party that claims to be pro-family, what message does it send that work hard to keep families from having legal protection under that law that heterosexual families have.

(Pulls out the card I have been holding to my breast and lays it flat on the table)

It is a violation of civil rights to stop gays and lesbians from marrying.  Denying them their right to pursue this form of happiness is unconstitutional.  Defining marriage as an act between one man and one woman goes against what many of us believe even if we don’t believe in same sex love.

But as for Mark and Paul, I hope they stay together long enough to watch their grandchildren and great grandchildren come along.  But if by some sad act they should break-up, I hope their children gets to know both their parents and not just one parent because the law only recognizes one.


Written by rentec

4 August, 2012 at 3:24 pm

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  1. “Which brings us to gay marriage. If you, like the owner of Chick-Fil-A, feel that gay/lesbian relations are wrong then it’s ok for you to feel that way. I disagree with you, but I concede that it is your right (although if you use your business to expound upon your beliefs don’t be surprised when there is backlash).”

    Oh you mean like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Nike, Starbucks, General Mills, Nordstrom that donates millions and millions of dollars to homosexual activist groups so they can throw more money at politicians to tow their line when it comes to policy?

    Do you really believe that fatherhood and motherhood are no different? You’re argument is that validation of homosexuality by giving them adoption rights is what is best for children. No, sorry, what is best for children is to be raised by a mother and a father. If a child is given up for adoption, that is (should be) the goal. Children are not trophies to be used to validate bedroom habits or romantic lifestyles.

    When two women claim they are capable of having the same relationship as a man and woman do, the implication is that every man’s contribution to relationships, marriage, and family is replaceable and unnecessary. And two men claiming their relationship is just as much a relationship or marriage as a heterosexual committed relationship implicitly dismisses any contribution of every woman, thus also claiming women are inconsequential to relationships, marriage, and family. This is REAL (gender) discrimination. Also, comparing same sex parenting to single parents is extremely faulty, because (1.) people don’t typically get divorced on purpose and (2.) there is always a chance that an opposite sex parent can come into the mix and help raise the child. With same sex parenting, the child for the lifetime of the relationship and BY DESIGN is DELIBERATELY deprived of either a mother or a father. It takes more than just two people loving each other to give the best environment and outcome for a child. Men and women are complimentary opposites physically, emotionally, and psychologically…


    15 October, 2012 at 10:06 am

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