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Holy Touch by Foxy Shazam

I am glad this group hails from Cincinnati because they rock hard.  Their tagline is “White Music for Black People”.  And really they made just that.  Growing up music was more segregated then than it is now but even the most Afrocentric black music collections there would be Bruce Springsteen or Steely Dan stuck in there.  And of course Queen.  Queen got so much airplay on black radio I remember being shocked to see that they were white.  Foxy Shazam lives up to their moniker, especially with the previous video from their latest CD which has the chorus “That’s the biggest black ass I’ve ever seen and I like it, I like it!”

You just have to see it

Since their eponymous first album the group has been compared to Queen (and of course Eric Nally to Freddie Mercury) but they are more than that.  The horns remind me of funk groups that same from the SW OH area in the 70s and 80s and the base is just funky and hard.

If you are a Foxy Shazam fan how would you pin point them?

If you aren’t a Foxy Shazam fan then you don’t know what you are missing.  You need to become a congregant in Foxy Shazam’s church. Listen to their current CD ” The Church of Rock n Roll” and you will become a believer.


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  1. Foxy Shazam is a really, REALLY great band, and Eric Nally is a future rock god. I’ve always thought so. When I first heard these guys in 2007, I said that Nally sounded like the gnarly offspring of Little Richard and Hedwig. The band is a pack of hellions who sound as if they grew up in a music store. The problem with The Church Of Rock And Roll is this: Foxy Shazam, in order to become THE BIGGEST ROCK AND ROLL BAND IN THE WORLD, must make music that FM rock radio will play over and over again, and that’s where consultants and research creatures get involved to the point where the artists might as well hand their instruments over to the suits and let THEM make the record. Au Contraire, the elpee born during Foxy’s brief relationship with Warner Brothers, had hints of Big Label involvement; one could hear the band straining on the leash at times through the shiny studio finish, but in the end, it was unmistakably Foxy Shazam’s record. Some of the demon energy of their earlier recordings like “Flamingo Trigger” and “Introducing” was noticeably absent, but not gone completely. With a blatantly obvious sport stadium anthem in “ Unstoppable ” and a vividly beautiful song written for Nally’s son Julian called “ Oh Lord ” (which was chosen as a single) where Nally does THEE MOST AMAZING vocal gymnastics for this side of Freddie Mercury’s grave, Warner Brothers could have helped these guys realize their goal on their own terms… but they didn’t. Warner Brothers didn’t do shit with Au Contraire. Idiots.

    silver account

    6 August, 2012 at 6:32 am

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