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Artistic Thirst in Cincinnati

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Back in the mid double 00s, after 32 years of being a staple in the West End, the Cincinnati Arts Consortium (CAC) closed its doors after the city took 1515 Linn Street because of eminent domain.

During it’s time the CAC served as a place where creatives of all ages came to work on their art. There were galleries for art shows, a black box theater for the performing arts and meeting rooms for seminars or classes. If you were an artist seeking a community the CAC was for those who couldn’t afford the high price private classes elsewhere.

Slowly, two other venues are growing to fill in the hole the CAC left.

This past week Elementz celebrated its 8th anniversary. Two hundred teens and young adults go through Elementz to learn a performing art (dance, DJing, recording, songwriting) along with getting a chance to make money with the talents that they have cultivated. Young people teach Zumba classes, dj parties and produce albums. DJ Trentity, one of their young spinners, spent this past summer in Amsterdam at a festival.

Seven miles away from downtown the Madisonville Arts and Cultural Center is banking on reviving the neighborhood by first bringing the arts back into the community. The building’s first floor has an area that doubles as a lobby and an art exhibition space. The second floor is a black box theater that has been renovated with a state of the art sound system. Although they are still working on some renovations, the Art Group that is coordinating the building hopes to have a steady stream of events picking up in the next few months with facility rental available in 2014.

As the Arts makes a comeback to low-income areas, thirsty artists are glad to receive it. Hopefully, Cincinnati City Council is taking note. Having another recording artist or actress might not bring in the same money as a new casino, but the quality of life it can add to our corner of Ohio is immeasurable.


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24 March, 2013 at 11:00 pm

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