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Battle of the Year Coming in September

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It’s not my intention to have a post with Chris Brown so soon after the last one.

But, I had to put this video up. And all those not on Team Breezy are happy to see him take a punch to the jaw, even if it’s fictional.

In the brief trailer it seems that dance instructors Derek (Josh Holloway) and Dante (Laz Alonzo) aren’t happy that Korea is whooping us in dancing.

Before anyone starts to get excited it’s not North Korea. I doubt they have enough energy to get a good two-step going. It’s South Korea, who have swept the floor with us lately in international Hip Hop dancing competitions. Reason why: those crews can move.

Don’t worry; I don’t expect this movie to take any swipes at South Korea since the director is Korean American Benson Lee. Lee’s previous film includes Planet B-boy which is a documentary about the international Hip Hop dance competition. If you are a fan of the dance style and haven’t seen it you should go get this movie. Actually, if you aren’t a fan of the Hip Hop dance you should watch this movie, you will change your mind after viewing the athleticism and creativity of the dancers.

So are you excited about the movie? What do you think?


Written by rentec

10 May, 2013 at 11:47 am

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