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Just Watch It for This Couple

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So Shadow and Act turned me on to this movie showing on Netflix called 30 Beats. I watched it. During the day. Sans husband.

For a sex romp it was light on sex although there was lot of it. For an “Art House” movie I felt it lacked gravity. So I guess DH wasn’t going to reap the benefits of this movie after all.

I loved the beginning, which starts with “The Virgin” played by Condola Rashad having a tryst with an older “Archaeologist” played by Justin Kirk. Their quick coupling sets off string of hit it/quit it actions on during a New York summer heat wave.

I feel like the film was 25 minutes too long, although the Molly Ringwald look-alike was also a highlight for me. By the time we got to the French woman I was getting bored but decided to see where the story lead. The best part of the movie was Ben Levin and Condola Rashad, although they left the screen too quickly for me.


They were incredibly cute together and the attraction jumped off the screen.

Overall a grade of a C.   Not a waste of time and if you don’t care for messages with your sex you won’t be disappointed.


Written by rentec

9 June, 2013 at 7:48 pm

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