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Who Rocks it Better? Super Junior vs PumaShock

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The song is addictive any way you slice it.  Here’s the original by K-pop band Super Junior:

And the contender, PumaShock

For me it’s a toss up, they both make me want to get up and dance.

Written by rentec

20 May, 2009 at 12:38 pm

Who Rocks it Better? SHINee or DTMG

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I bet you thought I’d never do one of these again.  I wasn’t sure if I would since I haven’t found songs I’d like to compare.

Today, the two songs  we have to juxtapose is an original and a remake.  And this time when I ask “who rocks it” we have a candidate that actually does rock.

First the original: SHINee.

So SHINee comes out strong with their song Dream Girl which reminds me of the Pop-Funk dance music of the early 90s. This song was released about two months ago (19 February 2013).

Next we have the contenders: DTMG featuring Puma Shock.

DTMG took the song in a totally different direction, they threw down the guitars and rocked the song. I also love that they sang the song in the original Korean instead of Sukiyaki-ing it (yes, I made that noun into an verb. What!)

Puma Shock is a favorite of mine, as evidenced by previous blog posts.

Verdict: I can’t decide. I am a big fan of electro pop music so I like the original.

But then I also like rock music and I am so glad that these guys came correct on the song, made it their own without detracting so much from the original that you can’t tell what it was.

It’s hard.

I am going to make this one a toss up. Because really, depending on the day I am into dance or I am into rock.

What is your POV? Leave a comment down below if you have a favorite.

Written by rentec

11 April, 2013 at 10:56 am

AfAm Singer on Korean Talent Show

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African American singer Natalie White (aka Puma Shock) made her debut on the Korean talent show, Star King in early March 2009.

White came to the attention of the show when her YouTube videos of her singing remixed R&B versions of K-Pop hits from artists like Girl Generation and May Doni began to get a lot of hits in Korea.   She’s a big fan of the music and Korean dramas as well.

Written by rentec

29 March, 2009 at 5:31 am