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True Love Can Scale the Great Wall of China

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Jo Gans and husband Michael

People who are interested in BF/AM couplings in real life will want to read this article on the “Black Women Deserve Better Blog”.   My good friend Jo Gans was interviewed by my other good friend Lorraine. 

Jo uprooted and moved to China a few years ago where she met and married the man of her dreams earlier this month.The article talks about how she dealt with family dissension:

 When I made the decision to date Asian men, you can imagine the flack I got.  People told me things like I was crazy, ”they” only dated their own kind, you’re too fat, or too dark, or just too strong.  I laughed because the negativity did not affect me in the least.  I reasoned that Asian is what I want and that is what I went after — and got.

Living in China as an African American woman:

I find the Chinese people a little naive about real Americans because they only know what they see on television — and that is regulated by the government here.

As silly as it sounds, most assume that Americans are mainly white.

And her overall attitude about love:

If he is worthy of your love, then love him.  This is a recipe for a happy life

For more of this article go to Black Women Deserve Better.  To obtain relationship advice or to be coached on Blasian Love by Jo (her sideline business) click here.

Written by rentec

23 March, 2010 at 10:18 am