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The Other Side of the Game

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I just finished this article from Colorlines Magazine (my favorite mag, by the way) and I never realized the problems that came about when people of color changed their gender.  While a black male who transitioned to becoming a black woman was able to find power and leadership, a black woman who became a black male suddenly realizes what all that entailed.

Before transitioning, (Louis) Mitchell recalls being “cavalier and reckless” about what he did in public and about his interactions with police officers. “I didn’t think about it so much,” he says about cops. “At some point they would find out I was female” and that would diffuse the situation. Now, Mitchell finds that he doesn’t engage in small transgressions like jaywalking or spitting on the sidewalk. “I never know if they’re just waiting for something to happen to roll up, and I do not want find myself in custody. That would be just precarious and dangerous in so many ways.”

Pauline Park, a transgendered female, discovered what the stereotype of the exotic Asian female could do to her life: 

Recently, when she got off the No. 7 train in Queens, she realized that she was being followed by a man. She didn’t know if it was because he saw her as an Asian woman or a transgender Asian woman. She ran home and slammed the door shut. “I always wear shoes I can run in,” Park says. She concedes she knew that Asian women were exoticized, but “it’s one thing reading about something in a book and another to be running down the street.”

 For the full article please click to this link.

Written by rentec

8 January, 2008 at 4:12 pm