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I want to preface this by saying I love my husband.  I’m a newly wed (nearly nine months) and he hasn’t done anything wrong enough to make me want to poison or run him over (and back up a few times).

But this past weekend my daughter and I viewed one of the best “men suck” movie in a long time.  I think everyone should go see it.  The movie is called “The Waitress” starring Keri Russell of Felicity fame.  I was never a big Felicity fan, the show seemed a lot like Ally McBeal except Felicity was more neurotic.  We went to see the movie because it was an indie flick and those are the only ones I can go to that will  suspend by disbelief for a few hours.

Anyway I loved it.  Everyone should go see it, leave their man at home and go with their girls, their moms, their daughters and view it.  You will leave the theatre thinking about the isht we put up with just to deal with men.  I’ve read some comments over on IMDB where viewers said they cried.  I must be hard hearted because I didn’t cry but my daughter and I whispered back and forth during the movie saying things like, “Why doesnt’ she stab him?” “What a punk!”  “Don’t bring home a man like that.” “Look, its Andy!”

The movie is about a small town waitress who hates her husband, hates her life but can bake the mess out of some pies.  I don’t even like pies that much but I left there wanting to buy a pie.  Right in the beginning she finds out she’s pregnant which makes her feel even more trapped with her piece of crap of a husband.  She begins an affair with her male OB-Gyn (I know, eww) and you go through the movie hoping she runs off with him and enters a pie making contest.

When the movie comes out I will have to buy it, I see a need for it in the future, like if my daughter should have a particularly bad break up.  We can just make some popcorn and then pop in The Waitress, then Waiting to Exhale, then the Joy Luck Club and as the piece de resistance at the end we can watch Thelma and Louis which is the quintessential men suck movie.  In reality these movie could have been played out with black faces or yellow faces.  They could take place in Oswego or Oslo.  That’s the beauty of these movies besides the fact that men suck but that our pain is universal.  Even if we haven’t personally lived through a hell relationship, we know a woman who has been abused or denigrated or spiritually broken.  And if it happens to one of us its happened to all of us because we are empathetic that way.

So please, go out and see The Waitress.  You won’t be disappointed.  Well, maybe if you are a man. 

Written by rentec

4 June, 2007 at 9:39 pm

Posted in movies, women's issues

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