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Black Girl Magic and The Shaming of The Black Woman’s Sexual Freedom

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Diary Of A Mad Black Trans Girl

2018 is the year of black girl magic. This year we’ve seen black women just living and existing from Maxine Waters shutting down Mike Kelly for telling her that she needs to stop talking about discrimination to Rihanna dumping her boyfriend because she simply gets tired of men. With joy of hearing these stories and countless others of black women killing it, the one thing we don’t hear about is sexual pleasure. We live in the age of sex where it’s easily accessible to find a sexual partner but when it comes to black women and sex, we are often shamed for engaging in the activity.

When it comes to white women, they’re told ‘Your body, your choice’. ‘Reclaim your sexual freedom Susan’ but when black women do so, we are told that we should be focusing on school or careers. When it comes to the media, black women are…

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Written by rentec

29 August, 2018 at 3:33 pm

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