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Is Cleveland, TX really Terra Belle, GA?

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I am done!  I am past done, I’m into not caring, into disgust.  Divestment is over, now I’m just looking at folks like, “Do I know you?  I don’t think I do because you don’t look familiar to me.”

Black folks, we are no longer victims just because we our skin is dark.  Is there still racism?  Yes.  Is there disadvantages that comes with our color?  Yes.  But when we do something wrong, own up to it.  Not every incident is a 21st century re-enactment of Jim Crow. 

You don’t know what I’m talking about?  Have you not seen the news of what went down in Cleveland, Texas?

Ooops, wrong video.  But after you watch these I think you can see the confusion:

And what is the response from the good black folks of Cleveland, TX?  Well, they want to gather money of course…

… for the perpetrators.

“She lives in another community,” Quanell X told the gathering. “You mean to tell me the only men that had sex with that girl were black men, locked up in that jail?”

Click link for video.

And they want to ask where the parents were…

… of the victim.

The incident happened in November, check your calendar it’s now March.  A whole season has come and gone before they began to make arrests. 

It doesn’t matter about the race of the victim.  It doesn’t matter about the race of the perpetrators.   It doesn’t matter if she was walking around wearing make up and clothes that make her look a lot older than her eleven years. 

What does matter is the actions of the rapists.  We cannot excuse bad behavior of someone just because we share the same skin color.  We don’t like it when it’s done to us, so we cannot do it to someone else.

Everyone with a good conscience should stand against this.  I wish I would send money to help mount a defense to put child rapists back on the street.  But I will definitely send money to the poor child that was raped and lend my support to the prosecution.  Black people, we have to say no to thugs.  We have to disdain aberrant behavior.  We have to cry for injustice and not cry racism when the perpetrators happen to be black. 

We really have to take a stand against this or else blackness will become this.  Is this really what we want?

You decide.  I’m already gone.  When you want to join me, I’ll be right here.

(Big Ups to the BlogMother for the links)

Written by rentec

15 March, 2011 at 1:10 pm

One Response

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  1. yes they were all black it was deep in the old part of the mainly black side of cleveland many ignorant dumbasses trying to make this racial…is not the first time this happened in america or the world …and unfortunantly it will happen again…


    27 April, 2011 at 3:13 pm

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